Sugar and Spice, a Magical dose of Narwhal is nice! 🍭🍬

May 11, 2018

KOLOLO Giant Narhwal

Thank you POPSUGAR for showing Our Giant Narwhal Floaty some sugar and love! 

If You're Obsessed With Unicorns, You NEED to See This Magical Narwhal Pool Float

KOLOLO Giant Narwhal

You may have seen your fair share of unicorn pool floats, but what about the unicorn of the sea? Thanks to Kololo, a Giant Narwhal pool float($59) is an adorable reality for your upcoming Summer fun. Fully inflated, this magical float is 6.5 feet long, the perfect relaxing buddy to carry you away during a day of lounging in the pool. Plus, legend has it that a narwhal's horn can possess mystical powers, so you'll definitely want to keep this one close by at all times.

If narwhals are your obsession, keep scrolling to see this fun float from all angles and start making your potential pool plans today! 

 KOLOLO Giant Narwhal


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