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January 13, 2017

Earlier last year when I got invited to go to Coachella (which is basically the coolest festival this side of the rainbow) obviously I obliged. And thank my lucky stars I did, because guess who I got to meet? I’ll give you a hint – she’s one of the prettiest, funniest, sweetiest forever blonde babes I ever did see! Check out this majestic photo of us together!

 Paris Hilton Giant Inflatable Unicorn

That’s me and Paris Hilton! She even told me I could be her new BFF! How could I resist bonding with this babe? For goodness sakes, she was wearing kitty cat ears! Not even Paris Hilton can resist a Giant Inftatable Unicorn #FLOATY!

We had so much fun together at Floatchella. I started calling it that since I think it sounds a little more enchanting. And I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a total show-shopper. Some people even forgot they were there to see the bands! 

I can't wait for Floatchella 2017... but until then i'll keep daydreaming of this epic magical moment from 2016.

Paris Hilton Giant Inflatable Unicorn

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