May 10, 2016

If you don't already know Beth Walkemeyer, then you have some serious catching up to do. Lucky for you, we did a rapid fire Q&A with this absolute charm so you can crush on her just as hard as we are. 
Beth Walkemeyer
What did you name your FLOATY?
What would you like to see as the next FLOATY?
What cheers you up?
Going on adventures with my girls, doing backflips into the ocean, being in the sun
Favorite place? 
I have done a lot of traveling including Hawaii and still my favorite place i've been to is South Africa!
Dream vacay? 
Favorite word?
Kairos - a greek word meaning "the perfect, delicate, crucial moment; the fleeting rightness of time and place that creates the opportune atmosphere for action, words or movement"
Go to guilty snack?
Nutella & Banana 
Favorite workout song?
 Anything Tropical House or gangsta rap lol
Unexpected or bizarre talent? 
I can do a bend back and crawl back through my legs, essentially can almost fold in half backwards
Shark, Skydive or Bungee Jump?
Shark diving: already done. Getting my skydiving license this month and bungee jumping is next!!

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